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Question ID  4074  -  Divorce -  2017-11-16 09:15:01
Salamun Alaikum.... Agar Aisi Surat e Haal ho jaye ki Biwi Shohar ko chod ke Chali jaaye Apne waalid ke Ghar....Aur Shohar usko Talaaq denaa chahta hai....Lekin Biwi Waapis aane ka bol rahi hai....Shohar waapis nahi lana chahta.....Aur Talaaq dena chahta hai...Lekin Ab Biwi ke Menstrual Periods ke bare mai Shohar ko kuch Pata nahi....Biwi Shohar se 6 months se juda hai....Talaaq kab padhe? Haaiz ke Bare mai pata na ho to kya kare? Aisi Surat mai jab 6 months juda hai dono....
Answer:-  Talaq is invalid if it happens during menstruation.
It is very good to reconcile.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3944  -  Divorce -  2018-01-28 11:30:01
Assalamalaikum, My brother and his wife are parents to a two year old girl. My sister in law has been staying separately since 2 years and has recently sent Khula letter. Is it true that after Khula is given, my sister in law will lose all rights over the child and my brother will absolute custody? Pls guide. Jazak Allah
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam Wr Wb

Wife alone cannot send final Khula to her husband , Khula can be initiated
by the wife who has been victimized.

She need to seek help of the Islamic authority (Haakim shari'at) , who then
take the steps of Khula by :-

1. Asking the husband to give his wife her rights , If husband refuses
to obey , then :-

2. Ordering the husband to divorce her. If the husband refuses to
divorce , then.

3. Issuing Talaq Khul'i.

Custody of small children remains with the wife unless she marries someone
else , or the age of the children becomes more than 2 years (for boys) or
more than 7 years (for girls).


Mohammad Musawi
Question ID  3774  -  Divorce -  2017-03-27 22:15:01
Bismillah alrahmaan rahiim Salam aleikom I have a question concerning a temporary marriage. If a man divorces his wife in temporary marriage by saying "I hereby exempt you from the remaining time of marriage" three times during the marriage does the wife become haraam? Wasalam My marja is Sayed Ali Sistani.
Answer:-  If he intentionally told her that he is exempting her from the remaining period, the Mut’ah marriage is over immediately.
If they want to continue together, they need to recite a new agreement of Mut’ah marriage with new Mahr and new period.
Mohammad Al-Musawi


Question ID  3525  -  Divorce -  2016-08-29 16:00:01
1- Can a man return to his wife within Iddah period after she takes Khla from him
Answer:-  Yes if he returns what she has given him for getting the Khula from him,
then the Talaq will be Raj'ee and he can return to her during Eddah period.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3396  -  Divorce -  2016-06-14 22:00:01
As salaam aleykum. I am from India, city mumbai 400 009. Thankyou. Was Salaam.
Answer:-  =E2=80=8BYou can refer to Najafi House

> Hawza Elmiyyah

=E2=80=8BNishan Para road
Mumbai 400009=E2=80=8B

> =E2=80=8B
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