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Question ID  2081  -  Divorce -  2014-11-17 05:45:02
Assalam alaikum Respectful shaikh, I have sent you a question at directly from my email. Did you get the question?
Answer:-  I did not get your question.

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> Question : Assalam alaikum Respectful shaikh,
> I have sent you a question at directly
> from my email. Did you get the question?
Question ID  1997  -  Divorce -  2014-10-16 17:00:59
Salam alaikum Sayed Musawi If a husband refuses to give his wife a divorce and with the help of an alim she manages to get a khula,is she allowed to go into nikkah with another person after she has completed her time of iddah? May allah bless you.
Answer:-  Khula needs the approval of the husband who is supposed to accept taking
something from the wife to give her divorce. If husband approval was not
taken there is no Khula at all. If the husband was not giving the basic
rights of his wife the wife has right to seek help from the Hakim of
Shariat who should order the husband to give the rights of his wife and if
he refuses to do so the Hakim of Shariat orders him to divorce his wife if
the husband refuses both then the Hakim of Shariat has the right to issue
Talaq for such wife which will be a final Talaq.


Mohammed Al-Musawi
Question ID  1555  -  Divorce -  2014-07-13 21:15:01
I got married 6 years ago only nikkah no rukhsati.. We didn't meet for 6 years . He lives in abroad.He didn't give me single penny for my needs. Now I want khulla I send him khulla papers he accepted on phone that I accept ur khulla paper . Is it valid khulla?
Answer:-  If he accepted to give you a Kula divorce, then it is valid.

Question ID  1489  -  Divorce -  2014-06-11 03:30:01
Salaam alai kum , If some female is not living with her husband since last 7 months and living with her parents and they have not even seen each other in last 7 months and they got divorced, what would be the IDDAH period for this female? Jazak Allah.
Answer:-  The IDDAH will be the usual IDDAH period which is three menstrual cycles.
Separation does not cancel the IDDAH.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  1182  -  Divorce -  2014-02-27 16:15:02
Assalam o alikum My question is about my divorce, I m in saudi arabia and my wife is in pakistan. Oneday v had a fight over telephone and during that fight I said talaq 3 times to her. Ist talaq now as per islam. Please answer me in the view of shia and sunni both.
Answer:-  Such Talaq is invalid because it does not have the conditions of an Islamic
Talaq. She is still your wife and you are her husband.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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