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Question ID  551  -  Family issues
Dear Sir I am writing to you on behalf of a friends son. Please if you could reply in detail we would be grateful . I am at uni and still have two years to complete my studies before I start working . My father in his 70's now has trusted me in all his money matters - I paid all his bills credit cards etc for atleast 5 years now. Since last 3/4 years I had started cheating on my father and spent his hard earned income & his pension money on just wasteful things for myself. My father is a honest hard working man who with hardship put me through private school too. In these years I have usurped atleast 15000 £ from him. I thought I was clever ( surely under the influence of the shaitan) but I have been caught by my elder sister & my mother knows about it too. My father is rightly been protected by them both and not told. I am ashamed & sorry about what I have done soo cruelly to my father & the suffering I have caused my mother - she has loved. cared for me and has done everything for me all my life. My sister is the reason of me being able to study and go to university - I don't think I can ever pay her back for all she has done for me. She is rightfully extremely upset too. I want to ask you what I should be doing now and later in my life to make amends for this horrible thing I have done to my family. Can I ever pay my parents specially my father for this crime? What are my chances with Allah of forgiveness - what changes do I make in my every day life? My mother is a broken lady sad & crying all the time and very upset with me ... How can I make her trust me ever again? I live miles away from home but how can I show her I have or will change? What duas should I recite to make Allah not angry at me & forgive me for this major sin. Please help May Allah reward you. Khuda hafiz
Answer:-  It is a major sin to cheat and usurp the money of your father who trusted you.
You need to sincerely repent and cry to seek forgiveness from him and from Allah.
You must pay back every pence you have taken wrongly.
You must declare to your mother and sister your sincere repentance and your readiness for any thing they suggest.
Keep on repeating Istighfaar day and night especially after Night Prayer and during Sujood.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  545  -  Family issues
Maine ek hindu brahmin ladke se marriage kiya hai hamari love marriage hai aur shaadi ko 10 saal ho gaye hai kuch 4 saalo se hamare beech main bohat problems chal rahi hai.mere husband ka bahar dusri aurat ke sath affair chal raha hai aur woh iss wajah se mujhe chodna chahte hai.hamare ek 5 saal ka baccha bhi hai.mere husband ghar bacche aur meri taraf bilkul dhayan nahi dete .pls meri help kare
Answer:-  There is no marriage at all between Muslim female and non Muslim male. If yo=
u are a Muslim and he is a Non Muslim, then the relationship is sinful and m=
ust stop immediately, with out the need of Talaq, because there was no valid=
Islamic Nikah at all .
If he became a Muslim before the marriage and still a Muslim, then the marri=
age is valid and you may consult a local Alim to solve your matrimonial prob=
mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  512  -  Family issues
As salaam un alaikum, One of our married sister has a few problems in her married life as follows: 1. He is full of male ego and does not treat his wife well. Her husband is very demanding and is very unsupportive towards his wife and 2 children who are below age 3. Even if he wants a glass of water and the wife is busy, he will nag her to get her water, this is in all the cases, once back from office he is front of the TV till he sleeps, and keeps on ordering and get irritated and taunts if there is a delay. If the children are crying very much, then he does take them, and hates if the small child spills saliva on his clothes, at night too the same scenario, yes but at times he does support her wife. 2. They have 2 children of the same gender and he forcfully planned the second one with not enough gap between the two, now he wants a 3rd child and is hinting it to her wife, who is not at all in the mental, physical and spiritual state for another one, does the female have right to deny this to her dominating husband. 3. Before marriage he said he will allow hijab to her and after that he restricted to a dupatta on head only. No scarf as well. What does the female do and what do you suggest, as hijab is wajib. But he is very dominating and treats her very very badly if she does not listen to him in any case. 4. He keeps contact with his parents and sister, but not enough. 5. He takes care of all the financial needs, but is very selfish and self centered. Is there any dua, aamal, fasting anything which can make him treat his wife, his parents and sisters the way islam does. THE GOOD THING ABOUT THIS PERSON IS, HE IS A GOOD HUMAN. AND NOT AT ALL A BAD PERSON, except for what we have stated above. Please guide. JAZAKALLAH
Answer:-  The best Du'a and Amaal I can advise is repeating Estighfaar, Salawaat and
La Hawla Wala Qowwata Illa Billah Al Aliyy Al Adheem, as many times as
possible.(At least 100 times each every day or after every Salah).
It is very good to talk to him politely about these matters, so that he may
re consider. Wife also should not think that she is error-free and should
do her best to improve herself as a good wife.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  507  -  Family issues
As salaam un alaikum, I have 2 related questions in this request. I was married to a non muslim girl due to major black magic done on me because of which i am suffering since 2006. If i was not under a spell of magic i would have never married this girl. Surprisingly the girl readily embraced islam and started observing hijab and prayers and other wajib and mustahab rituals etc. properly. She was keen for azadari too. However since last one year she has stopped offering namaz daily and says that she does not feel like praying and is feeling suffocated because of islamic rules. But she loves to observe fasts and whenever she is observing fast she offers prayers as well. I have tried a lot but she does not want to pray and will never pray again, except when she is fasting. We have a 6 year old son. Please advice can i stay married to her or should i divorce her. Another question in the same regards is that is there any dua or aamal by doing which i can catch the culprits and know their identity who have spoiled my entire life and has caused serious damage to my reputation and reputation of my family. I want to ask them the reason Why did they do it? Thank you for offering such a website. Jazakallah.
Answer:-  1. If she is a Muslim, you need to talk to her or take her to an Aalim to explain to her the meaning and the necessity of performing Namaz. If she insists on denying Namaz, then no good life with such a person, but don't rush before you give her all possible chances to understand.
Keep in mind the fact that no valid marriage before she is a Muslim, and any marriage before that is invalid.
2. Recite Ayatullah Kursi 7 times a day and Sura Falaq and Sura Naas
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  489  -  Family issues
Asalamualaikum sayed muhammad al My name is nessa and i am 20 years old. have become a follower of the ahlulbayt since december 2012 alhamdulilah. My family follows the sunni school of thought. My mother is understanding of shiasm to a certain extent, however her knowledge is not strong. She respects ahlulbayt but does not have much knowledge about our 12 imams. I have not told her straight that i am a shia but she can see that i am different. Because ramadan is coming, i want to break my fast at the right time 10-15 mins after sunset but i don't know how to tell her that i will not break my fast with her before that. I feel worried that i will disobey her or hurt her or she might think that i am following the wrong. But now that i know the truth i cannot disobey Allah. Is there a way to please Allah and my mother? Similarly with taraweeh prayer, before i became shia, i used to go to the mosque every night for taraweeh, Now that i know the truth, I certainly will not follow the ones who oppressed ahlulbayt. I am worried that it will make my mother upset. I don't know how to approach these situations without disrespecting my parents or disobeying them. Please give me some advice inshAllah. Thank you Nessa Somauroo
Answer:-  As you are been blessed by Allah in following the True Islam of the Prophet (=
SAWA) and his Ahlul Bayt (AS), you must keep on thanking Allah for this gre=
at bounty. More thanking brings more bounties Insha Allah.
In the matter of the time of breaking the fast, read to your mother the Qura=
nic verse ( Then complete the fasting till night =D8=AB=D9=85 =D8=A3=D8=AA=D9=
=85=D9=91=D9=88=D8=A7 =D8=A7=D9=84=D8=B5=D9=8A=D8=A7=D9=85 =D8=A5=D9=84=D9=89=
It is very clear that fast ends in the beginning of the night.
Taraweeh is a Bid'ah and even Umar himself has admitted that it is a Bid'ah a=
s you can read in Saheeh Bukhari and Saheeh Muslim.
Be very polite and very gentle with your parents and never hurt their feelin=
gs, even if you need to hide some of what you believe in. It usually takes t=
ime to convince them, so you need to patient.
Mohammad al-Musawi
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