The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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Question ID  1969  -  Family issues
I am a shia muslim and my family is sunni,?
Answer:-  What is your question ?

Question ID  1956  -  Family issues
Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim Salamun Alaykum, Please note that if a sibling of a person misbehave with him & his family, does not perform Wajebaat neither afraid of Haram and use to cheat people. Even Amr bil Maaruf is of no use because parents encourage & favors directly/indirectly his/her misbehaving, cheating and other activities. In such cases If parents force to have good relationship with such siblings. Does person has to obey them or can refuse. In spite of knowing there is no chance of improvement in their behavior. Such cases will be called as Qat e Rahmi or not. Please inform is it a sin to disobey parents in such cases. Shukran Jazak Allah iltemase dua
Answer:-  You must obey your parents in every matter which does go against Allah
You must keep good relationship with your siblings even with those who do
bad to you or misbehave.

Question ID  1889  -  Family issues
Salaamalaikum My son has had illegitimate relationship with a sunni girl, he has repented but has ended up fathering a child. I would like to know what are mine and his duties towards this illegitimate child(girl)of my son. Should this child be given for adoption to any muslim family? If the child is to be brought up by my son, how will he introduce this child to the rest of the family and community, it being an illegitimate and that her mother is a sunni woman?
Answer:-  Father is responsible to look after his child.
The child is his child no matter who is the mother and what were the
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  1856  -  Family issues
Salaam alaikum syed musawi, I have emailed you my question as i do not want it to be seen on your website. It has been few days i am waiting for your reply. Maybe it has gone in your junk mail please check. Thankyou.
Answer:-  Please email it again to

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Question ID  1620  -  Family issues
Dear Sayyid, I married a momina girl without taking any dowry and I am on a very good post.I am Indian. I was getting very large amount of money in dowry from many different people who were rich and willing to marry their daughters to me. My parents were also desperate to marry me with any such girl who is having a rich father. But I married a girl from educated sayyid family who is middle class and my wife is well educated and prays 5 times a day and fasts in ramazan. I am happy with my wife and now in last 6 years of my marriage , I got 2 sons also. My parents still mentally torture me on differnt occasions and scolds me that I ruined and destroyed their plans and we could have become rich by taking dowry or by marrying a girl of some influential person's daughter. I feel very bad and sometimes I quarrel with them and feels very bad as I know that its a great sin to say anything to your old parents. But I am unable to control my anger at times and say some bad words to them. I dont know , what should I do? Please advice me, I married with my wife against the will of my parents and they were not there at the time of my marriage. Should I divorce my wife? what do you Advice to my parents? Thanks.
Answer:-  Do not divorce your wife , and do not hurt her feelings.
You must tolerate your parents even if they do injustice to you. Never
speak any word which can hurt them. Always be very polite when you talk to
them or respond to their wrong opinion. Allah will never bechappybwith any
one who hurts his parents feelings.
Keep balance between your parents and your wife and maintain justice when
dealing with both sides, but be very polite with your parents, even when
they are wrong.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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