The Prophet (SAWA) said: The best of deeds after performing Prayers, is making a believer happy with a lawful act.

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Question ID  2935  -  Family issues
as salam maulana.. we r having family disputes aftr my mother in law expired last year.we tried to make d relations but cudnt do so. evry year we used to have majlis in our house and i was a part of it being elder daughtr i n law though v live separately. but this time my father in law along with his younger son and his wife told us to b away from d majlis preparation and now v r nt in talking terms also.i really felt very bad and hurt fr not being a part of d majlis. i want to ask you that can i have the majlis same day in my house at different time.. i will not face any wrath for that or azhab to do it on d same day.2076
Answer:-  You should try to patch up with your in laws as much as you can. If you are
unable to do that, there is no wrong in having another Majils for the sake
of Allah (SWT) and not to compete with any one.
You can have a Majlis on another day, not to compete with your in laws and
make them feel bad. You should do every thing which makes your relationship
with them better not otherwise.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2763  -  Family issues
Assalam alaikum I belongs to a poor i am married 22 years back.My problem is that my husband never worked ..and my expenses were beared by my brother and sister.I tried my best to force my husband to work but he refused to work till today My three kids have grown now.Can i leave my husband and start staying in my mothers house till he starts working..Now i am old and i dont have anything to eat also...Plz advise me how can i do to spend my life as i have been patience for almost 22 years..
Answer:-  Your husband is responsible according to Sharia to spend on you. If he
refuses to do so, you can force him through Haakim Sharia or seek Talaq
which is not good in general.
You can do any lawful act to force him to spend on you.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2685  -  Family issues
a divorced woman with small children (not baligh) has remarried. Can the children refer to her husband as "dad" Or "father"
Answer:-  He will not be real father for them, but they can call him whatever they
like because there are many meanings of the word "father" including the
person who looks after a child can be called father but not real
physiological father.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2622  -  Family issues
salam alikum i wanted to ask about my situation to married to a man who always abuses me and hits me often.i am a very religious person is sense believe in akhirat and prepare for it. my husband doesnt have firm belief like me.i have a daughter i want to upbring her in the best of that she can be a good muslim.but my husband is nt keeping this as his aim.what do i do i dont wantto stay with a man like this who cannot give my daughter islamic morals.i am in two state of mind plz help.
Answer:-  Do your best to keep your daughter in the right path of Imaan and be
patient on your husband's harassment. Pray for his Hidayat.
Moahhamd Al-Musawi

Question ID  2469  -  Family issues
SA, I am in a very big domestic issue because of my wife, it is not any general issue, but a very serious and major one, involving a major sin. I tried to take opinion of a few alims (including you) in this matter and have taken a decision accordingly to save our marriage. However I am very disturbed as I am unsure, whether the decision is correct or not, and my state my mind too fluctuates because of this major disturbance. No peace of mind, body has become thin and everything imaginable is disturbed. What is positive is my attitude only. I need to consult our 12th Imam atfs in this regards. Is there any aamal/dua/namaz that I can perform, recite, pray which will surely get our Imams (atfs)attention and He will guide me in this matter of very serious concern. I think He (atfs) is the only once who can get me a solution and peace and salvation. Kindly advice. Jazakallah
Answer:-  Imam Al-Mahdi (A.S.) is not far from sincere believers. He is
being informed about our deeds and our situation by Allah (SWT). More
sincere deeds we achieve make us more near to him.
Salat ul Layl ( night Prayer or Namaz e Shab , Ziyarat e Ashura, Ziyarat
Jaame'a ,mr exciting Quran and Du'a , are very important in achieving
this aim.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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