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Question ID  3459  -  Family issues
Assalamaleikum maulana, I have an 8 week old baby, she only sleeps when is carried on the chest, as soon as she is put down on the bed she wakes up and cries. She is fully breast fed and only wants to be with me, she cries with anyone else. I am getting physically exhausted carrying all the time and am unable to do any of the house work. I want to know if there are any teachings about this from the masoomeen, is it advisable to let her be down and cry whilst I do my house work? is that not recommended?. I am totally confused.your help will be much appreciated.
Answer:-  You may keep her on her bed to make her get used to it gradually even if
she cries in the begining, but do not let her cry for long time. Reciting
Sura Al Hamd is very useful to make her peaceful as well as repeating YA
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3404  -  Family issues
السلام عليكم انا احتاج التواصل مع السيد محمد الموسوي ارجو ارسال رقمه على ايميلي, لاني عندي مشكله كبيره واحتاج ان اتكلم معه شخصيا" شكرا" لكم
Answer:-  Salamun Alaykum wr wb
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> Question : السلام عليكم
> انا احتاج التواصل مع السيد محمد الموسوي ارجو ارسال رقمه على ايميلي, لاني
> عندي مشكله كبيره واحتاج ان اتكلم معه شخصيا" شكرا" لكم
Question ID  3395  -  Family issues
Slm agha. Mere shohar nay mujhe ghar say nikal dia hai.uski maa humare bich larai larwati hain jan boj k. Ek mah say ziada ho chuka mujhe nikale hoye.ab wo humari divorce krwana chahti hai. Mgr mai nahe chahti qk mera ek 10. Month ka beta hai. Please koi dua bataye k wo apni maa kochor kr mujhe lainay aa jaye . Or mujh mai intrust lain.please na umeed mt kijye.koi hal batye k mera shohar wapis mil jaye mujhe.
Answer:-  Salamun Alaykum wr wb
You can repeat resiting YA GHAFOURU YA WADOUD

Question ID  3303  -  Family issues
Wabil walidaina ahsana Does a girls parents in law come under this category? Please elobrate a little
Answer:-  Walidain are the real father and the real mother.
Being good to the parents in law is very good and it has also the reward of
pleasing the husband which is a great reward.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3301  -  Family issues
Asalaam Alaikum, Since childhood my sister has had a jealous nature which often results in many family disputes. She has a lot of anger in her, but does not take responsibilities for her mistakes but instead blames others for things which have gone wrong in her life. This also contributed to the breakdown of her marriage, now she has returned to her parental home with her daughter. Her daughter is now 4 years old. Whenever my sister contributes to an argument, she does not allow anyone to take her daughter out of the situation, but instead forces her to stay in this negative environment. Whenever my sister has a disagreement with anyone at home, she tells her daughter to stop talking and interacting with certain family members. She tells her that her extended family members do not care for her or her daughter and that we only care about ourselves. She does not take our advice and remains angry with everyone. We all love her and her daughter very much, but she is now putting hatred into the heart of her daughter towards her extended family. Her daughter is also developing anger too. We are uncertain how to help her, please could you advise us?
Answer:-  Good attitude and bad attitude can not be changed but when the person
himself or herself decides to change after being convinced that he/ she
needs to change. One of the best ways to convince the person is to make his
or her friends talk to him about the harms of bad attitude and the need for
change. Try to make her friends talk to her gently to explain the harm of
bad behavior on her and more importantly on her child.
No doubt, Du'a is very useful always for every matter.
You also need to avoid any word or act which can make her angry and try
your best to treat with her in a nice way. That should make her respond
with a nice way as well.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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