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Question ID  3207  -  Family issues
As salaam alaykum My question is my husband has three sisters and two of them maintain gòod relations with me but one avoids talking to me and when they visit me i serve them the best. I said to my husband that i will just maintain salaam dua with her so he gets angry and if i want to discuss any problem regarding this issue he says i dont want to listenand he listens to all the problems of his sisters should i meet the person who avoids me and just wants her brother only what should i do plz help
Answer:-  A Good Muslima wife should always obey her husband. Meet his sister who is
avoiding you and be obedient to your husband. Allah (SW) will then bless
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3103  -  Family issues
I want a divorce but I am afraid it will hurt my children. But it is hurting me to stay. When taking such difficult decisions, what can we do to help make the right choice?
Answer:-  Do not go for divorce which you think a release from your sufferings but it
will make the life of your children a continuous misery .
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3053  -  Family issues
Salamkm, Generally kids sleep with parents, But when a daughter becomes baaligh at 9, Can she sleep with her father?
Answer:-  Not allowed to sleep on the same bed.
Question ID  3049  -  Family issues
Salam sir m qatar m government job krta hu or mera account b qatar k national bank m hy or mjy ghar banany k liye bank se loan lyna hy mgr bank waly 100000 loan dy kr 110000 wapis laty hy or hr salary m cut ho or 4 sal m pura loan khatm ho jy ga kiya y jaiz hy...Q k itni bri Raqam or koi b ni dyta..humary musluk m kiya y loan ly skty hy...plz juldi reply kijiya ga
Answer:-  This loan from Muslim with interest is usury and Haraam. Unless you have an
agreement with them to take from you service charges not interest.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3019  -  Family issues
Salaam please let me know how much percentage of a daughter in father property. Khuda Hafiz Gulamali
Answer:-  If the father dies, his wife, sons and daughters will inherit him. Wife
gets one eighth, then the remaining is to be divided among sons and
daughter, one share fro ever daughter and two share for every son.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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