The Prophet (SAWA) said: The best of deeds after performing Prayers, is making a believer happy with a lawful act.

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Question ID  2359  -  Family issues -  2015-03-15 19:15:01
Salami Mari step mother Japanese ha .10 sal pehlai Muslim convert howi the...sab thee chal raha tha 2 mah pehlai aus ki kisi k sat conct how thi internet pa...vo vahabi koi molbi ha...pata nh aus na asa brain wash kiya ha .now she hate shia..mujy ak scholar ki zarorat ha Islamabad ma..taki step mother k sawal ka jawab da bht bar gye ha divorce tk agye ha. Vo kehti ha apna koi skeikh Lao aur mujy mutmaye .kind shia k vary ma ....reply
Answer:-  There are thousands of scholars in Pakistan who are able to refute the
false propaganda of Wahabism.
You may contact in Islamabad
Shaikh Mohsin Ali Najafi 00923445477759 who is the head of Jameatul Kawther
in Islamabad
or if you need an English speaking scholar you may contact Maulana Sayed
Asad Alam Naqvi 00923005558472
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2313  -  Family issues -  2015-02-18 03:15:02
Salamun Alaikum ....If the Father says to his son to pray at Mosque but Son pray his Wajib salat at Home. Does it is obligatory on Son to repeat his prayer?
Answer:-  If father owns the house and tells his son that you are not allowed to pray
at my house, then he is not allowed and his prayer will be invalid.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2301  -  Family issues -  2015-02-14 19:00:01
i am sayed yusuf ali rizvi late of sayed mohammad ali rivi. He is not well after 2010 we dont know why . Tell me about his wealth plz.
Answer:-  Salam wr wb
Please clarify your question and write the full name and address of the
person about whom you want to ask.

Question ID  2201  -  Family issues -  2015-01-06 17:45:02
Assalamualikum ya syyed! Who is from the sadaat family? Is it permissible for a person to use the word Syed before his name if he is from the descendants of the other sons of Hazrat Syedna Imam Ali ( a.s), except Imam Hasan or Imam Hussain (a.s). ? Regards......
Answer:-  Yes it is permissible because Sayyed means from Bani Hashim who are the
kinship of the Prophet (SAWA).
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  2091  -  Family issues -  2014-11-23 13:45:01
As salam un alaikum, A women has 2 boys in good health from her husband. But her husband wants a girl too, and wants to try once again. But the wife is against it. I have 3 questions for this issue. a. Can the wife refuse her husband this trial as she is not prepared for it physically, mentally and in any other way. However there is no danger to her health. b. If the doctor has refused her to have a third child and the husband considers this as a lie and is forcing her to have a child. There is danger to her life her. What should she do in this case. c. Can she ask for a divorce in any of the above 2 conditions if the husband is adamant to have a girl child with her only. Kindly advice Jazakallah
Answer:-  Husband is not allowed to force his wife to be pregnant, but she must allow
him to sleep with her when ever he needs if there no religious or health
restrictions . She is free to use pills or any medication preventing
pregnancy as far as it does not disturb husband from his sexual rights as a
husband with his wife.
It is good for the wife to obey her husband in this matter as well, if
there is no risk on her life from pregnancy.
This difference does not make reason for Talaq. You will be then harming
the future of the two children beside destroying you family.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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