Imam Ali (AS) said, 'The heart can only be made use of [to the best of its capacity] with generosity.

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Question ID  489  -  Family issues -  2013-05-20 11:15:04
Asalamualaikum sayed muhammad al My name is nessa and i am 20 years old. have become a follower of the ahlulbayt since december 2012 alhamdulilah. My family follows the sunni school of thought. My mother is understanding of shiasm to a certain extent, however her knowledge is not strong. She respects ahlulbayt but does not have much knowledge about our 12 imams. I have not told her straight that i am a shia but she can see that i am different. Because ramadan is coming, i want to break my fast at the right time 10-15 mins after sunset but i don't know how to tell her that i will not break my fast with her before that. I feel worried that i will disobey her or hurt her or she might think that i am following the wrong. But now that i know the truth i cannot disobey Allah. Is there a way to please Allah and my mother? Similarly with taraweeh prayer, before i became shia, i used to go to the mosque every night for taraweeh, Now that i know the truth, I certainly will not follow the ones who oppressed ahlulbayt. I am worried that it will make my mother upset. I don't know how to approach these situations without disrespecting my parents or disobeying them. Please give me some advice inshAllah. Thank you Nessa Somauroo
Answer:-  As you are been blessed by Allah in following the True Islam of the Prophet (=
SAWA) and his Ahlul Bayt (AS), you must keep on thanking Allah for this gre=
at bounty. More thanking brings more bounties Insha Allah.
In the matter of the time of breaking the fast, read to your mother the Qura=
nic verse ( Then complete the fasting till night =D8=AB=D9=85 =D8=A3=D8=AA=D9=
=85=D9=91=D9=88=D8=A7 =D8=A7=D9=84=D8=B5=D9=8A=D8=A7=D9=85 =D8=A5=D9=84=D9=89=
It is very clear that fast ends in the beginning of the night.
Taraweeh is a Bid'ah and even Umar himself has admitted that it is a Bid'ah a=
s you can read in Saheeh Bukhari and Saheeh Muslim.
Be very polite and very gentle with your parents and never hurt their feelin=
gs, even if you need to hide some of what you believe in. It usually takes t=
ime to convince them, so you need to patient.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  342  -  Family issues -  2013-02-24 13:30:04
Assalam Alekum. I am a Shia muslim and presently I am doing my graduation.My family is not very sound and we have financial problems and it is very difficult for my parents to provide me my fees and other necessities. It is a humble request,if I can be provided with some help. Khuda Hafeez
Answer:-  This website deals with questions regarding Islam. You may write for educational assistance to
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